Recommended outerwear “Chester coat”

The Chester coat is a formal design that looks like a long tailored jacket.
In other words, it’s an adult-like item with a lot of texture, so as I mentioned at the beginning, it’s one of the best outerwear for making a fashionable winter style for men in their 20s who have a good impression from women!

Even those who think that the difficulty of coordination seems to be a little high can easily dress by just holding down the tips.
Basically, what you should keep in mind is to choose slender pants and use knit for the inner.

In addition, the Chesterfield coat is long and voluminous, so you can create a Y-line silhouette by combining it with slim pants.
This Y-line silhouette looks slender and slender, giving an adult-like impression.
It also has the effect of improving your style, so it’s perfect for hiding your body shape! (Of course, even slender people can dress coolly)

Introducing fashionable outfits for men in their 20s on the Chesterfield coat
Fashionable basic coordination

A model coordination in three colors with an outer Chester coat in a monotone style .
The colors are the most mature and fashionable.



Coordination that adds an adult atmosphere

It is basically the same as the above outfit and is coordinated in 3 colors.
The difference is that the inner knit is a turtleneck and the feet are changed to adult-like shoes.
You can see that the impression you show is completely different with just this difference.

Knit coordination of similar colors to navy Chester

Even if the inner gradation knit and the Chester coat are similar colors, it is possible to show them together because the pants are monotone.
Navy x white is a color combination that goes well with women and is very popular with women.





Coordination of Chester coat x knit x shirt

The shirt can be layered on the knit to add a touch of grace.
Colors other than borders and monotones are used, and some are casual, but the adultness hasn’t collapsed.
It is recommended in the cold season if the inner is only knit ♪


The point is to “make the bottoms to match slim”
For items with a long length such as a coat, you can coordinate with slim pants ( skinny pants or tapered pants ) .

By making the bottom skinny , it becomes a Y-line silhouette , and a vertically long silhouette is completed ♪ If you are
not good at wearing a long coat , please change the bot

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