The Best Periwinkle Nail Designs and Tips for the Beauty

Periwinkles are a symbol of beauty. It is one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are also tough to grow and difficult to maintain. That is why they have been used in many nail designs. Periwinkle nail designs is a trend that is gaining popularity in recent times. This trend has been observed to be on the rise and will continue to grow in the future.

What is Periwinkle Nail Designs?

The periwinkle nail Designs were created using acrylic paint and a dotting tool. A dotting tool is a small brush-like device that makes dots out of any colour. In this case, we used black and white acrylic paints. The first step is to clean your nails thoroughly. Next, apply two coats of clear polish to your nails. After that, let dry completely. Once dry, use a dotting tool to create dots on each fingertip. Paint the dots with a different colour. Let dry. You can now add details to the design by drawing lines between the dots. To finish off the look, top coat your nails.

How to Choose the Best Periwinkle Nail Designs for Your Look?

Periwinkles are small molluscs (like snails) that live in shallow waters worldwide. In some parts of the country, they are considered invasive species. There are many different types of periwinkles, each with its unique characteristics. These differences can help you choose the best colours for your nails.


The length of the nail determines how long it takes to dry after application. A longer drying time means less chance of smudging. However, if you want a quick drying polish, then shorter lengths work well.


There are two major categories of colours: opaque and transparent. Opaque colours have high pigment concentrations and do not allow light to pass through them. Translucent colours are transparent and allow light to pass through. Opaque colours may be easier to apply due to the higher concentration of pigments, but they tend to chip faster than transparent colours. If you prefer opaque colours, then consider using darker shades. If you like translucent colours, then look for lighter shades.


A finish is the surface coating applied to the top layer of the polish. Finishes can range from glossy to matte, satin, semi-matte, etc. A finish can affect how your nail looks once it dries. Glossy finishes are shinier and last longer than flat finishes. Matte polishes can make your nails look chalky. Satin polishes give a smoother appearance. Semi-matte finishes let the natural shine of the nail show through.

Tip: Remember what you plan to wear when choosing a colour for your nails. If you plan on wearing a glitter polish, then go for a shimmery shade. Option for a bolder, brighter hue if you plan on going out at night.

The Best Professional periwinkle nail designs

1. Blue Periwinkle Nail Designs

Periwinkles are beautiful flowers that have been around since ancient times. They are native to Europe and Asia and grow in rocky soils near streams. These flowers are often associated with water, and they are known to attract butterflies. Periwinkles are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth in some cultures.

2. Purple Periwinkle Nail Design

This design uses purple periwinkles and white tips to create a nice contrast between the two colours. You can use these same colours for any manicure, but you’ll want to ensure that the colour contrasts are strong enough to be noticeable.

3. Pink Periwinkle Nail Art

Pink periwinkles work well for this delicate manicure. You can use them to create a simple gradient effect or add different shades to create a patterned look.

4. Red Periwinkle Nail

This design features a red periwinkle flower with a white tip and yellow centres. If you want to keep things simple, stick with the traditional red polish.

5. Green Periwinkle Nail Designs

These nails are created using green periwinkle flowers and white tips. Try adding a contrasting accent nail—like a pinkie nail or a thumbnail to stand out.

6. White Periwinkle Nails

White periwinkles have always been popular because they are simple yet elegant. You can paint them in a single colour or create a gradient effect.

7. Yellow Periwinkle Nail Designs

Yellow periwinkles can be used to create fun nail art that looks great in springtime. Try painting the entire nail in yellow, then add a few drops of clear polish to give it a little shine.

How to do Periwinkle Nail Designs?

To start, clean your nails and remove any old polish. Next, prime your nails with a clear base coat. Paint your nails with black acrylic paint. Let dry completely. Use a small brush to spread out the white paint evenly. Allow drying completely. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have completed the desired number of layers. Topcoat your nails with a silver metallic topcoat once complete.

What’s the Best Way to Get Periwinkle Nail Designs Done Fast? 

If you have some basic nail art skills, then DIY nails are a great option. You’ll save money and time, plus you get to choose what colours you want! Here are some tips:

• Use acrylic paint. Acrylic paints dry fast and are easier to work with than oil-based paints. Plus, they’re cheap and widely available at any craft store.

• Use a small brush. A regular size brush will make it harder to control the flow of paint onto the nail.

• Apply two coats of colour. Too many layers of colour will result in a chalky look.

• Always wait until the polish completely dries before doing anything else.

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