The Complete Guide to Peaks Point Wedge Shoes

Peaks point wedge shoes is a premium footwear manufacturer established in Seattle, Washington, in 1975. The Peak Point Wedge, a shoe design that has become their best seller, is part of their signature range of footwear. Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Lawrence have all been spotted wearing their shoes. The Peak Point Wedge has a wedge-shaped footbed that gives them a distinctive appearance. To offer stability and comfort while walking or jogging, these wedges are made to fit snugly beneath the foot’s arch and heel.

Peaks Point Wedge Features


Wedge forms come in two varieties: pointy and rounded. While rounded wedges are more rounded at the toes, pointed wedges feature a sharper toe shape. Wedge heels aid in foot stabilization, mainly when walking on uneven terrain. If you frequently trip over smooth flooring, you might want to wear pointed wedges instead.


Leather, suede, canvas, mesh, synthetics, and rubber are all materials used to make wedges. The ideal material for creating a pair of bespoke wedges is leather. Suede is an excellent material for summer clothing because it is breathable and light. The canvas is an attractive choice if you want something solid and long-lasting. For women looking for both comfort and style, a mesh is fantastic. Because they offer traction and durability, synthetic fabrics are preferred by athletes. For individuals who require a bit extra traction, rubber is ideal.

Price and quality

Price and quality go hand in hand with footwear of any kind. The price of a high-end pair of wedges will likely be more than $200. Low-cost solutions cost less than $10, while midrange options start at over $50.

Guide to the Best Selling Peak Point Wedge Shoes in 2022

The following article gives you a summary of what makes this shoe brand special.

Innovative design:

Peak Point Wedges have always been known for its innovative design. Not only do they have the classic wedge shape, but they also have unique designs that make them stand out from other brands. For example, the Peak Point Wedge has a unique heel cup that supports the arch and provides extra cushioning. This helps reduce foot pain and increase comfort while wearing these shoes. Another example is the padded tongue. The peak point wedge is the first shoe to feature a padded tongue. This helps provide additional cushioning and protection against blisters.


Peak Point Wedges are constructed using high-quality materials that last long. Their high-quality leather uppers are durable, flexible, and comfortable. The soft lining and cushioned insole offer great comfort and shock absorption. The rubber sole is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use. In addition to being durable, the soles are slip resistant and won’t wear down over time.


Peak Point Wedges go well with any outfit, whether you work or hang out at the beach. You can pair your wedges with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and even suits. They are perfect for casual occasions and formal events alike.


Peak Point Wedges are cheaper than other luxury footwear. They are priced between $30-40 dollars.

Overall, Peak Point Wedges are a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish shoe that offers excellent performance and durability.

Jeffrey Campbell peaks point wedge

Peak Point Wedges by Jeffery Campbell is made to assist you in finding the ideal balance between your foot’s heel and toe. Any shoe, such as running shoes, tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc., looks excellent with these wedges.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Peak Point Wedge Sandals (Men’s)

The Jeffery Campbell Peak Point wedges have a distinctive design where the wedge form gradually tapers near the end of each shoe. These shoes’ flexible soles and padded heel cups ensure a comfortable fit. A breathable mesh lining in the upper material keeps feet feeling fabulous all day long. For optimal ventilation, the top is finished with a perforate toe box.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Women’s Peak Point Satin Sandals

The flexible sole and padded footbed of this design provide a pleasant fit. Soft satin fabric is using to finish the upper, which feels lovely on the skin. A perforated tongue and strap feature for increased comfort finish the upper.

3. Children’s Jeffrey Campbell Peak Point Low Wedge Sandals

These children’s sneakers have a low profile and a distinctive wedge design. The low-cut shape gives extra room for developing feet and is make with breathable leather uppers. Kids have the option to adjust these sneakers for the best fit, thanks to a removable insole and a cushioned footbed.

Free people peaks point wedge black

The Free People Peaks Point Wedge Black Sneakers are designing with a classic style updated with modern influences. These sneakers feature a leather upper with contrast stitching along the side panel and heel tab. A rubber outsole provides traction, while the breathable mesh lining provides comfort. 

This is an excellent pair of shoes for the fall season. I love how they have a wedge heel and a thick sole. These are perfect for running errands, going out for drinks, or just hanging out at home. You can wear this with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and even capris. We use peaks point wedge for many purposes like,

Peak Point Mid-Heel Sandal by Free People: These shoes are stylish and cozy. They have a padded footbed and a robust sole. They would look fantastic with leggings or thin jeans.

Peak Point Ankle Bootie by Free People: These boots are very versatile and comfortable. They have thick soles and a wedge heel. Wear them with jeans, dresses, or skirts.

Peak Point Heeled Booties by Free People: These boots are gorgeous. They are both cozy and fashionable. They have sturdy soles and heels. For a relaxed daytime appearance, pair them with jeans and a blazer.

Peak Point Pumps by Free People: The pumps are understate yet stylish. They have a powerful platform and a substantial wedge heel. Dresses, skirts, and thin jeans all go well with them.

Peaks point wedge tan

One of the most well-liked tanning products in the market is Peak Point’s wedge tan. We started producing it in the early 2000s. Wedge tans from Peak Point are available in two different formulae. Our original peak point’s tan, a high-performance tan that emits a lovely golden glow, is one formula. The peak point’s tan wedge is the second formula we came with. This tan is design to produce a stunning dark tan shade without any orange undertones. Only natural components were using to create both formulations.

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