HOW TO DRESS WELL: Tricks and Magic for every body type

While I know I will regret after the first paragraph , I still want to be here with you to lecture you and guide you on the right choices to make about how to dress well.

Yes, I said sermon, because before having the presumption to understand how to learn to dress in class, we must take into account a series of very important factors that we cannot underestimate, so arm yourself with a lot of patience, a lot of paper and a couple of pens.

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How to dress well in relation to the forms of the body
How to dress well body shapes

And now we can begin.

Knowing the various body shapes, and therefore recognizing your own, is essential for knowing how to dress well.

You can’t really think of knowing how to dress stylishly and well if we have not first learned to know our body thoroughly, and thanks to this we will be able to enhance it by highlighting its qualities.

By understanding the shape of our body, in fact, not only will we be able to understand the strengths on which to invest all ourcredit cardsenergies, but we will also be able to enhance it without necessarily drooling in front of the screen looking at Rodriguez’s wardrobe – and buttocks -.

In fact, we cannot rely solely on the must-haves of the moment or on a fashion blogger that we particularly like to dress with style, because if ” She looks great with everything she wears, if I wear that stuff I look like an unbeatable item “, but she it has a rectangle body shape and you are a pear, thanks to I’m ***** you are sick, you have a different shape !!!!

With this post I really want to guide you on a path to understand your shapes well, so that from now on you can find influencers with your same shape and take inspiration from them to improve yourself and above all to understand how to dress well. at any occasion.

In Italy, the most common body shapes are 5, and I wanted to give you a brief description of each one to help you understand immediately which garments enhance you and which ones you absolutely must avoid !

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