How Do a Claw Nail Designs In The Easy Way

Claw nails are all the rage right now. They’re unique and edgy nail design that catches attention. Whether you love them or hate them, there is no doubt that claw nails are here to stay. These unique nails are called coffin nails, vulture nails, U-nails, or vampire nails. Getting the look of claw nails without having to go through the process of getting them permanently done on your fingers is quite tricky. However, it is possible with a little bit of courage and determination. Read on if you’re interested in learning how to do claw nail designs at home.

What is a Claw Nail Designs?

Claw nails designs are nails that are long, pointed, and curved. They are also known as coffin nails, vulture nails, U-nails, and vampire’s nails. There are various reasons why people decide to get these nails done. Some people do it because they want to look edgy or unique, while others do it because they have a medical condition that causes their nails to grow too long. Whatever your reason may be, claw nails are a very bold nail design that will catch your attention wherever you go. If you consider getting fake claw nails, you probably wonder how they differ from regular artificial nails. Well, artificial claw nails are more extended than common artificial nails. They are also thicker and have more comprehensive tips. The goal of fake claw nails is to look as natural as possible.

How to Achieve the Claw Nail Designs?

If you are set on having claw nail designs, you can try to achieve the look by growing your nails for a long time and then shaping them once they get too long. However, if you don’t want to wait long, you can always use extensions! If you are not a nail artist and wish to have the look of claw nails without actually getting them done, extensions are the best way to do that. You can use regular acrylic extensions to get the look of claw nails.

However, acrylic extensions are more likely to chip off than gel extensions. If you want your claw nail designs good for a long time, you should opt for gel extensions. Gel extensions are better than acrylic extensions because they last longer and are less likely to chip off. They also look thicker and more natural than acrylic extensions, making them perfect for claw nails.

The Easy Way: Fake Claw Nail Designs

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of growing your nails and waiting for them to grow long enough so they can be shaped into claw nails, you can always go the fake route. If you want to get fake claw nails, you will need the following materials: Nail clippers – You will need to clip your nails as short as possible so that the artificial nails will fit over them. Claw nail stickers – Claw nail stickers are more manageable than natural claws because you don’t have to clip your nails. All you need to do is press the sticker on top of your pin, paint it, and remove it when it dries.

Claw nail tips – Claw nail tips are like a mix between the two mentioned above. They are claw nail stickers, but you don’t have to paint them.

The Hard Way: Real Claw Nails Designs

If you are determined to have natural claw nails and don’t care how much effort or pain it takes to get them, you can try and get your nails done through a “walling.” Wallers are people who specialize in growing their nails as long as possible and then shaping their nails into the claw nail look. Wallers clip their nails as short as they can while increasing them so that they will be long enough once the pin stops growing. They then shape their nails and paint them with acrylic paint or fake nails. Wallers often use fake nails because natural nails take a lot of time to grow, and it can be excruciating if you have to clip them too often.

Benefits of Claw Nail Design

There are various benefits of having claw nails, including:

1. Easy to maintain

Since these nails are fake and don’t require any maintenance, you can paint them any color you like. You can also use nail art to decorate your nails, making them look super cute.

2. Affordable

Claw nails can be expensive to do professionally, but they are much more affordable if you do them at home. You can make claws with a simple kit found at almost any drugstore.

3. Gain attention

Claw nails are sure to get your attention, positive or negative. They are an edgy nail design that will make you stand out in a crowd.

4. UV rays protection

UV rays damage artificial nails, so shield your claws when outdoors. You can also use a good quality top coat to seal your nails and prevent them from chipping.

Tips for Making Your Fake Nails Last Longer

1. Choose acrylic nails over gel nails- While acrylic nails are much cheaper than gel nails, they are also easier to remove. If you’re going to get acrylic nails done, make sure that you choose to have them applied over your natural nails.

2. Use the right nail clippers- This might seem silly, but it is easy to damage your acrylic nails if you use the wrong clippers.

3. Be gentle when removing your fake nails- You don’t want to break or rip your nails while you’re trying to get the fake nails off.

4. Choose the proper solvent when removing your nails- If you use nail polish remover to remove your acrylic nails, it will damage your natural nails.


Claw nails are a unique nail design that is sure to get attention. They can be created with acrylic nails; because they are fake nails, you can wear them for an extended period. When it comes to the claw nail design, there are a variety of ways to achieve this look. Whether you go for a black-and-white design or something more colorful, these nails will get lots of attention. If you’re interested in getting claw nails done, don’t fret! You can make your claw nails at home with a few simple steps. The best part about this is that if you decide you don’t like them, you can take them off.

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