The Perfect Pair of Brown Converse Platform

If you’re looking for a new pair of spring shoes, you have to check out the brown converse. This season’s shoe style is so on point that we’re seeing it everywhere. From high street fashion houses to Instagram influencers, everyone has been wearing the brown converse platform like it’s their second skin. The classic brown converse is one of the most iconic sneakers of all-time and still looks as good as ever. And there are a lot more ways to wear them this spring than just pairing them with shorts or skirts. Yes, we know how much you love your favorite shoes but you can also treat them with some TLC, so don’t be afraid to take care of them! Here are our top tips for how to get the most from your brown Converse platform in this spring.

Make sure you’ve got the right pair of Brown Converse Platform

We’re going to start with the most obvious tip of all but it’s amazing how many people forget this. Because of how iconic the brown converse platform is, there are many brands out there making versions of it. Make sure you get the right pair. Not only can you tell the difference between a genuine pair and a fake pair, but it’s also important to get the right size. If you wear a half size, you’ll most likely be able to wear them comfortably for a while until they stretch out a little bit.

Wash Brown Converse Platform and dry them promptly

Again, we know how much you love your brown Converse platform. But we’re not going to be so polite anymore. If you’re going to wear your brown Converse, you need to wash them! We know you’ve seen bloggers and fashionistas washing their shoes before wearing them, but did you know that it’s actually a really good idea? It makes your shoes last longer, prevents odour and even makes them smell nicer. Don’t believe us? We’ve tested it and we’re not lying. Plus, it keeps them fresh and smelling great. If you don’t do it, your shoes will become smelly, sweaty and nasty in no time. We’re not saying you need to wash them every time you wear them, but we do recommend washing them after a few weeks of use.

9 Benefits of Brown Converse Platform

1. Great for spring weather

This one should really come as no surprise to you. When you’re wearing the brown converse platform with a pair of shorts or a skirt, you’re covering up your feet. You’re keeping them dry and away from possible ground moisture.

2. Easy to match with anything

One of the most common types of clothing you’ll find a pair of brown converse with is jeans. That being said, you’re not limited to just wearing them with this type of clothing. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, boots and more.

3. Great for comfortable and casual outfit

The brown converse platform is both comfortable and casual. As a result, you can easily wear it with many different outfits. You can even wear it while you’re hanging out with friends in your apartment or while you’re taking a walk in the park with your boyfriend. 

4. Portable

Whether you’re running errands, doing homework or going to class, the brown converse is a great shoe to have. It makes for a great pair of walking shoes, which makes for a more comfortable trip.

5. Good for all kinds of weather

Just as the name suggests, you can wear the brown converse platform in all kinds of weather. They’re great for spring, summer and fall, with each season bringing its own particular weather conditions.

6. Easy care

Like we’ve mentioned before, washing your brown Converse will help you to keep them in a better condition and make them last longer. Plus, there are many different types of brushes, sponges and dryers that you can use to get rid of any nasty odor.

7. Versatile

While there are different styles of brown Converse platform that you can wear, you can also mix and match different colors and styles. You can wear a pair of black converse with a pair of grey jeans or a pair of red converse with a pair of black pants.

8. Affordable

What’s not to love about the brown converse? They’re affordable and stylish, which means that you won’t need to spend a lot of money to look good. 

9. Easy to maintain

Keeping your brown Converse in good condition is very important. Luckily, you can easily do this by wiping them down with a clean rag and cleaning them with a brush. You can also clean them with a sponge, which will get rid of any dirt, dust and any bad odor that may be in the shoe.

Softer soles are key of the Brown Converse Platform

A lot of people think that you can only wear the brown Converse with a hard sole. However, we do recommend you to wear them with a softer sole, to make them last longer. People all over the world have been wearing the brown converse platform with a rubber sole for years now and it’s one of the most common combinations we see. Whether you’re wearing them with shorts, dresses or skirts, a rubber sole will make your brown Converse feel extra comfy. Rubber soles are also super durable and are great for outdoor activities, because they’re weather-resistant. If you want to wear them with a different outfit, we recommend a coloured sole. For example, you can wear a pair of white converse with a pair of black sneakers and a pair of blue jeans. This will give the sneakers and jeans some extra color which will brighten up your look.


The brown converse has been a classic staple for years, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of ways to wear this pair. From wearing them with your favorite jeans, to wearing them with a pair of ballet flats, you can wear your old pair of brown Converse with a lot of different outfits. You can wear them with a pair of denim shorts, a white dress, or even a pair of sneakers. To make your brown Converse feel special, we recommend wearing them with a thicker sole. For example, you can wear a pair of black converse with a pair of brown boots or a pair of navy converse with a pair of grey sneakers. When it comes to making your brown Converse platform feel special, we recommend wearing a thicker sole. This will make your brown Converse feel soft and snuggly, which will make them feel special and unique.

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